Nothing is Impossible

Custom Design Process

We love new challenges so bring it on!

We can take any design idea you have and bring it to life! We make it easy for you to get exactly what you’re looking for. Create your one-of-a-kind masterpiece that’s not available anywhere else!

Consider our custom jewelry services if you:

  • Like several components of different rings, but can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Want to create something sentimental with your partner – such as wedding bands and engagement rings.
  • Are looking to design a complementary match to a previously purchased engagement ring.
  • Want to replicate a piece that is no longer made – perhaps a necklace a grandmother used to wear.
  • Desire to transform an empty mounting or loose gemstones you’ve inherited into a striking piece of jewelry.

Free Consultation

If you have a design in mind or are looking for design assistance, we invite you to contact us and schedule a private design consultation to answer any questions or concerns you might have and discuss some ideas of both cost and timing estimates. Complete custom design usually takes a minimum of three weeks. From selecting the perfect style design, choosing your diamonds or gems to approving waxes of your masterpiece, the time it takes may depend on you. Once all your choices are made, it will likely be about three or four weeks before your ring is ready. During this time, you are welcome to call or stop by to see how it is progressing. Once we agree to move forward, we may require a non-refundable down payment. Once the design is approved, we will ask for a further deposit or full payment.


The first step to our partnership, where we listen, give our input, and collaborate with you to create the very first sketches and illustrations of your piece. Or if you already have a picture or drawing of the design you have in mind, we can review your options and proceed to the next step. We also offer a vast inventory of finished jewelry and mountings in our showroom, so we can show you actual examples that we can modify or combine to fit your needs.

Sketch and Sourcing

Our jeweler will polish the rough sketch and if you desire, submit to you for changes, questions, comments, and approval. Once we’ve finalized the design, our team of experts will start sourcing the finest materials. We use nothing but the best precious metals, the finest gemstones, and expertly selected certified diamonds.

Wax Model

After that, we’ll create a physical wax model. you’ll have a chance to review and modify, should you wish. You can see the size, shape, and structure of your piece. This will allow us to test for fitting and functionality, and give you and our jeweler one last opportunity for necessary changes.


Finally our master jeweler casts your custom jewelry design. Polishing and placing every detail exactly how you envisioned. Upon completion it undergoes quality control and inspection by our team of jewelers and diamond experts, before our final presentation to you.

How we are different:

Koulian Jewelers is a family owned business that brings something that no other jewelry store can. We want to be able to listen and invest in every single customer that comes in our store with an idea and give him or her the opportunity of leaving with an heirloom to cherish for generations to come. We encourage our clients to be involved and vocal every step of the way. We offer a supportive, educated and comfortable environment for clients to freely express their artistic ideas and vision. Every piece created by Koulian Jewelers is designed, casted, set, and finished using the latest technology, in combination with techniques from years of experience. With Koulian Jewelers you receive handmade one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is superior in quality and craftsmanship with dependable future service that we offer.

Custom Jewelry Return Policy

When the question PoPs with our custom designed rings we insure a “YES”. Everything else is out of our hands. Once a custom design is approved for fabrication, it is non-refundable. Exchanges are sometimes possible, at our discretion.